What an incredible summer of warm temps, family, and fun!  We had the opportunity in August to hire a photographer and really zone in on our products in their natural environment.  We couldn’t have asked for a better night with the warm summer breeze at a serene home in the countryside of Prior Lake, Minnesota.  This 10 acre estate, owned by David Kopfmann of Yardscapes, Inc. had been around since 1880, until a fire completely destroyed the home during the winter of 2018.  They recently constructed a new “farmhouse” and allowed us to use their space to photograph some of our products.  Though we haven’t received the professional photos yet, I wanted to share the experience with you, so I snapped a few myself that night.  I thought it would be cool to give you a glimpse behind the scenes!

This photograph that I took encapsulated the whole evening.  I’m not going to lie, as the sun was beating on us it was probably 90 degrees and we were sweating…shh, but the daylight and sunset was so gorgeous and made up for it all!



Gorgeous Night for a Photo shoot. This Photo Showcases the Veranda Teak Table from Westminster Teak

This home already owned several Twisted Elements pieces and that’s why we thought it was a good fit to sprinkle in a few more custom accents to make it complete.

You’ll see the Tournesol planter in the photo on the left.  They are a company out of the Bay Area in California.  We have had a great relationship with them since the beginning of Twisted Elements and have had the opportunity to see their facility and watch the whole process that goes into each and every fiberglass planter.

360Five Design (chairs in the middle) is a local Minnesota company located in New Prague, MN.  They use recycled milk jugs that are melted down and formed into furniture that will last a lifetime.  They are a family owned business (Like us!), concentrating on quality, style, and function!

The Gardenstone planter on the right is a company from Canada (near Toronto) and they create quality concrete planters with a great warranty.  Since they are a Canada company, they understand the extreme temperature changes, like we have in Minnesota, so their product has been manufactured to withstand all the elements.


The flowers in full bloom in Tournesol (Fiberglass) and Gardenstone (Cast Concrete Planters. 360Five Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs on the Front Porch


We were lucky to nab Paul Owen, of Owen Photo, during this time.  The retail industry has been on hold since covid, which meant most photoshoots were put on hold as well.



Paul Owen, of Owen Photo, setting up a lifestyle photograph at the custom built bar and grill stand by Metalsmith’s Designs


Metalsmith’s Designs is a local metal group that specializes in; well really anything you can imagine!  They started out designing gates and arbors, and now have flourished into anything a client/designer can dream up!  Haddonstone is known for their cast limestone planters and statuary.



This trio close up is of a Metalsmith’s Design Outdoor Dining Table and Haddonstone Statuary


The Maya sectional in this photo is one of my favorite pieces from Westminster Teak, with it’s sleek straight lines and low profile.  It pairs well with the Metalsmith’s propane fire feature on wheels!  These fire features are great for both large and small spaces.  For small spaces you can bring it out when needed, and then wheel it off to the side for more space when done.  For larger spaces, you may want it closer to the dining table while eating and then wheel it over to the lounge area for relaxing afterwards.  These fire features can be customized by painting the body and choosing a different material for the top ring.  You can choose from a natural stone, such as bluestone or limestone, or colored concrete.



Metalsmiths Gas Fire Feature Surrounded by Westminster Teak Maya Sectional


This custom hammock stand by Metalsmith’s was installed about 5 years ago, which has patina and aged really well!  The kids (and adults) love to swing and relax on it!



Swinging on the Custom Hammock Stand by Metalsmith’s Design


This was another custom metal and cedar arbor constructed my Metalsmith’s Designs several years ago.  I love how it blends into the landscaping.



Metalsmith’s Arbor over the Walkway to Gardens and Outbuildings


Here’s what a Haddonstone Planter looks like right when it arrives, but it will patina and age over several years since it is a porous material.



Haddonstone’s Gothic Planter Centered in the Vegetable and Flower Garden


This “garage” was converted into an office and now currently into an exercise room.  It was luckily untouched from the fire, except for peeling paint from the heat.  The OutDeco Panels that frame the windows are a nice detail to break up all the white.  We also started caring Tru-Scapes Outdoor Lighting which you can see one in this photo by the chairs.  These were developed by landscape designers and can all be monitored by your smartphone.



360Five Chairs and Metalsmith’s Trellis with a Variety of Planters


That’s a wrap!  Most of you know the products we carry, but it’s always great visually to see them in their natural settings!  What a fun night and I can’t wait to see the actual professional photos!



Peter taking a break from moving large, heavy planters!   Lounging on Kafelonia Teak Club Chairs from Westminster Teak.