360 Five Designs

360Five Designs

360Five Designs uses eco-friendly, zero maintenance materials for all of its furniture. High density polyethylene panels are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, such as milk jugs, garbage containers, detergent bottles and margarine tubs that have been broken down and re-formed. Even once made into furniture, the plastic can be broken down and reused again.

The wood grain phenolic used by 360Five Designs is made from numerous sheets of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified craft fiber paper. The sheets are submerged into an epoxy bath, stacked and pressed together with extreme heat and pressure. By doing this, it thermally fuses with phenolic resins to form a high strength solid panel that is resistant to burning and does not emit formaldehyde. It can even be used as a steel replacement.

Both materials are made in the USA and are so durable that a light scrub with some soap and water is all our furniture will ever need.

Made in Minnesota, 360Five Designs offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on its products!

Turnaround time for orders is typically 3-4 weeks.

Please be aware that our website shows a sampling of 360Five Designs products we carry. Please contact us for pricing on these or any other products made by 360Five Designs.

360Five Designs Color Chart

360Five Designs offers its products in White, Black, Red or Blue plastic as standard colors. Any plastic color can be ordered for an additional charge.

360Five Designs Wood Grains

You can choose from Blonde Echo, Montana Walnut or Valencia Teak wood grain.