“Tournesol is French for sunflower”  -– and sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity.

We have had the opportunity to partner with Tournesol siteworks since Twisted Elements launched in 2015.  We also had the opportunity to visit their northern California facilities in 2018, which was fascinating!  I have never witness fiberglass in the making before.  Our clients are loving everything about Tournesol!  I am going to go further in-depth into 3 products that we sell the most of, which only touches on a third of what Tournesol has to offer.

The Most Exciting Elements of Tournesol Planters are:

  • The do AWESOME in Minnesota winters
  • They are LIGHTWEIGHT (empty) for ease of MOVING locations
  •  Due to their lightweight, they are a perfect planter for ROOFTOPS and raised decks


Let’s talk ROOF-TOPS!  We helped furnish this one.  This client needed screenage from the neighboring building and the strong wind gust.  So we teamed with our metal fabricator to create these curved post to hold a mesh, all-weather fabric.  We chose the Wilshire Rectangle Planter in a smooth bronze color and the landscape designer added a few taller shrub, perennials, and annuals to bring a pop of color.


This view is from their living room and they wanted something bright!  This color is called Royalty.  I love it, it is so rich and fun!  The Aquarian collection comes in many different rounded shapes of varying heights and widths.  Tournesol has a line of self-watering inserts.  This planter above you will see a white pipe sticking out, which is the gravity self watering system called; CWM Modular Container Irrigation System.

The Modular Container Irrigation System is a versatile self-watering system designed for use in any large planter. Reservoir modules are linked together and buried within the pot. A hand-filled reservoir uses a vacuum-sensor to monitor soil moisture, giving exactly the amount of water needed for plants.


Here is an example of another type of self watering container called: CWC Tapered Container Irrigation Insert.  This self-watering system is designed to drop into tapered round and square decorative pots. With a vacuum-sensor watering system, proven to have precisely controlled moisture levels in the soil, it automatically waters the plant when the soil starts to dry.

This insert is in another line we carry, called Gardenstone, which is a cast concrete planter that it fits in perfectly.  There is an arrow on the left pointing towards the plug that you pull out and fill the container with water.  Both units should carry you through several days to a week.  Depending on the current environmental conditions.


Live Modular Walls are great to bring the outside in or create an outdoor screen with.  David Fhima (Photographed with Peter), of Fhima’s Restaurant, wanted fresh herbs in his kitchen and bar.  We worked with David and his designer to create a live modular wall for all of his herbs.


Here’s another example of ways you can incorporate a live wall in to an office space.

Plants Help Us Be More Productive, according to a global study, workspaces that incorporate natural elements have a 15% higher well-being score and a 6% higher productivity than employees whose offices don’t include natural elements. Adding greenery to your workspace helps restore our attention and focus (


I love the fun colors that Tournesol offers!  This from the Downtown Square Collection in Tomato.

LIke I said they have so much to offer as a company, other items I didn’t touch on that they carry are:

  • Tables & Benches
  • Bins, Bollards, & Bike Racks
  • Commercial Outdoor Furniture

You can find out more information on Tournesol products here, or feel free stop in or give Peter a call!  We are here to help you find the best products for your spaces!