Choices, Choices, and more Choice!  Don’t you feel like that is the way it is now, and needless to say it’s great, but so OVERWHELMING!  There are so many online retailers, many of them selling the exact same thing with a different name on it.  That’s why we have honed in on what we carry.  We have tested all of our products for an extended period of time before we fully offer them to you!  We may not be the least expensive company in the Twin Cities Area offering Outdoor Amenities and Accents, but we DO stand behind all of our products.  Most of them with a generous warranty period.  Happiness and return clients are the principle of how we run Twisted Elements.

That gets me to, Outdoor Kitchens… they can be daunting and exciting at the same time!  They have become an essential part of most outdoor entertaining spaces now.  So, let’s walk through the different types of outdoor kitchens you can choose from and starting price points.

Metal and Stone outdoor kitchen in prior lake minnesota with people grilling

Pre-Fabricated Cabinets:

Think, kitchen cabinets, but made for the outdoors!  They are “usually” the least expensive option, because there is no need for footings and the installation is somewhat simple.

  • Price starting around $5000
  • Customizable (Door Fronts & Colors)
  • Made from HDPE (High Density Polyethlene / Recycled Plastic)
  • Product Availability is Quick

Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry is one of our favorite companies to work with.  They will assist in laying out the correct cabinets and sizes.  You can add any accessory, such as, refrigerators, grills, trash bins, etc.  We installed a small outdoor kitchen with a grill 3 years ago and it looks like the cabinets were just installed.  Here’s a few pictures of the Open Air Cabinets.


This Open Air Outdoor kitchen was installed on a raised deck using porcelain tile.  There were no extra supports needed to hold the outdoor kitchen.  We installed OutDeco panels attached to a steel frame behind it for privacy from the neighbors deck.  We chose a natural stone counter top from a local stone dealer.  We measured and they cut a beautiful piece of limestone for it.

Open Air Cabinetry in Dark Gray Coastal Cabinet Design

Here is another example of an Open Air outdoor kitchen installed on a lower stone patio.  The landscape designer installed the kitchen around the deck pole to utilize the patio space to its fullest.  They added both a grill and an outdoor refrigerator.  The dark steel blue color is stunning!

Custom Built Using Metal:

This is where the fun and creativity begins!  This option may require a designer or carpenter to assist in plan development.  You would then bring your drawings to a welder.  Most likely you or the designer will work closely with the welder and contractor.  By going custom using metal, things can easily be tweaked and changed and REALLY become an art piece.

  • Price starting around $12,000
  • Fully Customizable – Material Combos, Color, Design
  • May Require Footings or Extra Support Depending on the Size and Weight

Custom-outdoor-kitchen-on-raised-deck-manufactured-out-of-steel-and-limestone-countertop-with-lighting-built-in Minnetonka Minnesota

This custom metal and outdoor kitchen with grill, trash, and refrigerator was installed on a raised wood deck.  The designer incorporated down lights and hooks for utensils right into the design.  It’s a great use of space how the prep and serving counter wrap around the house.  For this countertop the designer created a frame and inserted limestone paver stones as the countertop.  Genius and probably save a little bit of money!


This is an art piece and statement piece.  I wish I had a photo of this installed at the clients house who bought it from our showroom, but unfortunately I don’t.  The designer and metal fabricator used corten steel that they rusted and seal coated with a clear coat to still visually see the rust, but it won’t bleed onto a patio or deck.  It gives the piece a very urban feel.  They also incorporated an arbor with a down light attached for night time grilling and ambiance.  The counter top is a cut piece of raw limestone.


Here is another angle of the stunning outdoor kitchen that was created just for this space.  These homeowners installed a gas line up a leg to attach to the grill for an endless supply of gas and a clean, sleek look.  This countertop is limestone pavers stone set in a welded top.  The squiggle detail is a win!

Stone Outdoor Kitchens:

These are the cream of the crop and you really should never have to replace the structure, beside keeping up on minimal repairs of mortar between the stones.  These are a statement piece in many other ways, but what stone you choose and the method of craftsmanship.

  • Price starts around $20,000
  • Design Styles are Endless
  • Choose from Many Different Stone Types and Textures
  • Timeless

Building one of these requires footings in most cases, so I would suggest contacting a local designer, typically a landscape designer.  They will be able to draw up a design a put a team of professionals together to excavate the area, install the footings and mortar the stone.  This requires precise measurements and if thought out design.  You can always add on, but it will be hard to change once you are into the building process.


Talk about classy and modern!  This was an add on a few years after the home was built.  They did have to remove the existing decking to install footings under the outdoor kitchen and bar area.  Then they reran the decking up to the new kitchen.  The used a limestone mortared sides and a limestone countertop slab.  Its a beautiful warm neutral color and timeless.  They even added a countertop ice cooler!


Here is another example of an stone outdoor kitchen with a counter to pull chairs up to.  The client wanted people to gather around the kitchen and make cooking and entertaining a whole experience.  The had a welder create a metal arbor over the grill area with lights for entertaining at night.

Lake Minnetonka Remodel Custom Modern Kitchen

Here is an example of a very modern, minimal take on an outdoor kitchen that they wanted to create in an existing space.  The mortared stone wall was already existing, so the designer used that as the back support of the kitchen counter and added raised poured concrete supports for the metal legs and counter to sit on.  They also added a metal arbor with down lights for additional lighting.

Wayzata Minnesota Custom Outdoor Kitchen and Firepit on Limestone Patio

Lastly, this beautiful space came together with a mortared stone firepit (gas) and matching stone outdoor kitchen.The kitchen may be petite in size, but has everything you need to entertain with!  The small artistic details, such as the curved arbor really tie this entertaining space together.

If you ever have any questions about outdoor kitchens or need guidance, feel free to reach out to Peter!  We are here to help make things easy and create the spaces of your dreams!