OUTDECO sustainable hardwood composite privacy screens have done it again with beautiful new patterns, colors, and sizes!  Now they have a collection of 3 Panel Sizes, 22 Screen Patterns, and 2 Different Colors.  Perfect for…

  • Feature Walls
  • Backlit Features
  • Fence Extensions
  • Facades
  • Patios/Gates/Enclosures

Affordable, architectural-grade panels with the warmth and durability of Australian hardwood.  Unique to OUTDECO are our sustainable 97% wood-fiber boards with a wax bonding agent, free of synthetic glues, something unprecedented in this kind of fiberboard composite material.



OUTDECO Bloom delivers a geometric interpretation of wildflower petals in a lighter-weight panel.


OUTDECO Nest screen has an organic appearance reminiscent of the tangles of a bird’s nest, interwoven jungle undergrowth, or tribal rattan weaving.


OUTDECO Fern makes a dramatic design statement in any space. The pattern of this iconic fern frond as expressed on this OUTDECO Lite panel is distinctive whether horizontal or vertical.


OUTDECO Harmony provides uniform circles that are suited for creating a unique look and feel, particularly if you’re looking for a bold, edgy style.


OUTDECO Meadow panel offers a sweeping landscape style.  When installed as a horizontal, it visually accentuates the branch design making it perfect for bringing a feeling of length and depth to your space.


OUTDECO Kona is all about the canopy forest look. Its broad ribs create a perfect spatial balance of an open-and-solid pattern evident in the style of the cut.

This is just a sampling of the different options now available.  Check out all the screens and styles here.  If you have any questions about pricing and delivery times feel free to send us a message or call here.