County Materials Grand Fusion Pavers

Grand Fusion Pavers bring a new level of interest and refinement to concrete pavers by combining two distinct textures into one module. Inspired by textures found in the home, Grand Fusion Pavers fuse the aesthetic of a structured surface, with alternating fields that replicate pebbled leather and striated textiles, and the enhanced performance of exterior concrete. Grand Fusion Pavers are larger in size and feature contemporary textures that provide a slip-resistant surface.

The Grand Fusion Pavers come in three sizes:

  • 24″x16″
  • 16″x16″
  • 16″x8″

All Grand Fusion concrete pavers measure 2.75″ high.

Grand Fusion Concrete Paver Colors

Contact Twisted Elements to order this color tile, or any of the County Materials pavers or retaining wall options.

Contractor discounts available!

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