Haddonstone Gate Piers

Cast stone gate piers are a standard item in the Haddonstone collection of architectural stonework. Cast stone gate piers are perfect to enhance a gateway, entrance and entranceway.

The gate piers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The height of the gate piers can be varied according to the number of center shaft units used. If the gate piers are to be infilled with concrete the shaft sections should be lined with 25mm (1″) polystyrene or similar to act as an isolating medium. It is most important to refer to the relevant Haddonstone Technical Sheet to ensure correct installation. When ordering please note that each gate pier course is supplied in two halves. Both halves of each gate pier course need to be ordered.

Haddonstone’s gate piers can enhance a gateway, entrance or entranceway further with a cast stone finial or a ball and base. Haddoncraft Forge is able to supply wrought iron railings for use with Haddonstone’s cast stone Gate Piers to individual specifications.

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