Haddonstone Triple Lotus Bowl FountainHaddonstone Triple Lotus Bowl Fountain

Haddonstone Triple Lotus Bowl Fountain

The Haddonstone Triple Lotus Bowl Fountain is an elegant, tiered fountain or water feature.  Each bowl of this powerful triple-tiered fountain is supported by fluted Pedestals featuring stylised Ionic capitals. This Cast Stone fountain or water feature is perfect for creating a focal point in a large water Garden or Landscape.

This elegant cast stone fountain is available in Portland, Bath, Terracotta, Slate and Coade colors.

Plus, Haddonstone offers a 5-year manufacturer warranty on its products!

Diameter of upper shell 31½”
Diameter of middle shell 47¼”
Diameter of lower shell 72″
Width of base 19¾”
Overall height 109 3/8″

Contractor discounts available!

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