MagnumStone Retaining Wall

MagnumStone is a large block, wet-cast retaining wall system for commercial and residential applications prioritizing functionality and aesthetics. Its engineered hollow core block design uses 40 percent less concrete than solid blocks, offering greater versatility and performance.

Installing a MagnumStone Retaining Wall System is fast and straightforward. Each oversized unit covers 8 SF to help you do the job faster with reduced labor costs. Available in a variety of units, MagnumStone is designed for efficiency and accuracy.


  • Gravity Wall
  • Geogrid Wall
  • Positive Connection
  • Plantable Wall
  • Cantilever Wall
  • Storm Water Management
  • Mechanically Stabalized Earth (MSE) Wall

MagnumStone Unit Sizes

Contact Twisted Elements to order this color tile, or any of the County Materials pavers or retaining wall options.

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