The OUTDECO Cumulus screen is part of the new 90%+ high privacy/blockout rating products. Its circular lines create a light fluffy organic movement across the surface that is reminiscent of fluffy white clouds or layers of foliage. It is both an architectural statement, yet subtle and complimentary within a planted outdoor space. The privacy/blockout is almost total, making a perfect solution for high privacy or cladding type applications like cladding planter boxes, storage boxes, retainers etc..

Size: 48″ H X 24″ W

OUTDECO privacy screens can be used for both privacy screening and architectural fencing. All screens come in the Decoshield Natural finish, with subtle rustic weathering. All screens can be painted to suit any color scheme.

Plus, OUTDECO offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on its products!

Contractor discounts available!

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