Tournesol Siteworks TerraScreen Interior Greenwall System

TerraScreen® is a simple, cost-effective and maintenance-friendly living wall system, designed especially for interior and “intimate” exterior green wall installations. Often described as living art, the TerraScreen® allows the designer, landscaper, or owner to use plants to establish a living, breathing focal point, set a mood or celebrate a season. All panels are made of black powder- and zinc-coated steel wire, with integral wall brackets. Panels may be mounted adjacent or above one another to create larger coverage area. The sides of the TerraScreen® system can be covered with a simple powder-coated steel cover. The irrigation system may be connected manually to a hose or water cart, or plumbed to a timer system.

How the Tournesol TerraScreen Greenwall System Works

TerraScreen is a simple, cost-effective and maintenance-friendly interior living wall system. The simplicity of TerraScreen lies in the use of 6” plants in their nursery pots, which are supported by a light, easy-to-mount support system. The plants are contained within individual cache pots, so water won’t run off onto the wall. The black steel wire support panels, with integral wall brackets, disappear behind the plants. Multiple panels may be mounted next to one another to cover larger areas.

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