“Constructed to Hold Up to Mother Nature” – Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry Launches 7 NEW Premium HDPE Wood Grain Finishes!
We are so excited to share with you the new HDPE wood grain finishes.


Seven new wood grain HDPE non toxic styles just launched with Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry

  • What is HDPE and the Benefits?
  • High Density Polyethylene
  • Considered One of the Safest Forms of Plastics
  • NO Toxins are Produced when Making or in Use
  • Very Durable
  • Contains Moisture Barrier
  • Simple Process to Recycle HDPE for Secondary Use
  • Resistant to Many Chemicals
  • Does NOT Breakdown Under Sunlight
  • More Dense and Opaque than Other Plastics
  • Withstand Extreme Temps
  • Resists Insects and Rotting

Hickory Wood Grain:

With a nod to the rich depths of the forest floor, Open Air introduces the color “Hickory” to the brands offering of outdoor cabinet colors.  A rich chocolate brown, this new wood grain will allow any surroundings to complement it; reflecting the greens of Mother Nature.


Hickory Wood Grain Chocolate Brown Cabinets from Open Air

Hickory Wood Grain


Aspen Wood Grain:

The same warm white of a late spring snow, “Aspen”, is a new white wood grain offering from Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry.  As with snow, in some lights, you will swear you see a shimmer.


Aspen Wood grain white color offering from open air outdoor cabinetry

Aspen Wood Grain

Elm Wood Grain:

Open Air’s new “Elm” wood grain color offering, a color some might call “greige”, sets the al fresco tone for a warm welcoming landscape of gatherings.


Elm wood grain in a gray color by Open Air Al Fresco collection

Elm Wood Grain


Coastal Gray Wood Grain:

Next up is a warm gray, “Coastal Gray”.  A new wood grain color offering which, as outdoor cabinetry, will set gorgeous background for the bright pops of color in your flower garden.


Coastal Gray wood grain by open air outdoor cabinetry

Coastal Gray Wood Grain


Kona Wood Grain:

Infused a bit of Hawaii into your backyard with this island rooted reddish brown.  With personality plus, this color is uniquely suited to island dreamers.

Kona woodgrain in a reddish brown color from Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry

Kona Wood Grain


Maple Wood Grain:

The golden color “Maple”, reflects abundance, balance, longevity, and love.  We are sure you will LOVE this golden hues wood grain offering from Open Air Outdoor Cabinetry for it’s neutral tonality.


Golden Maple wood grain cabinetry from Open Air

Maple Wood Grain


Ironwood Wood Grain: 

Iron, the most common element on earth.  Capturing the visual strength of metal, “Ironwood” is the new color for outdoor cabinets, perfectly capturing the black charcoal in color.


Ironwood Woodgrain is black charcoal color in Open Air Cabinetry line

Ironwood Wood Grain


Difference Between New Wood Grain vs. Original Wood Grain: 

  • The Original Wood Grain are Variegated
  • The New Wood Grain are Simply One Color

*NOTE: The Wood Grain on the Drawer Fronts Run Horizontal and the Wood Grain on the Drawers Run Vertically