Twisted Elements Booth at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show 2017

Twisted Elements had a fantastic two weekends in February and March, meeting some amazing people at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show 2017.  We didn’t know what to expect for our first year at the show and it ended up being fantastic! Everyone that stopped by to chat was really excited about our custom pieces! It’s great to get out of our showroom in the basement (or I should say lower level) at the International Market Square (Minneapolis) and meet some of these wonderful people that didn’t know were to find us. We want to help make your space unique and comfortable, so when in doubt call Peter McLoughlin, and he will be more than happy to help you formulate some new ideas for that space you have been dreaming of!

Best of all, at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show we WON Best of Gardens Booth! It was very unexpected and so awesome that the organization noticed us, even though we were tucked back in the corner by the bathrooms. Thanks to everyone at the show and we can’t wait to see what we dream up for next year!