When we moved offices in 2021 from International Market Square to a new space in Bloomington, Minnesota we gave up the access to beautiful gathering spaces that were in arms reach of our studio.  So last summer we were thrilled when our building started working with a local landscape company to create gathering spaces outside each unit.  They asked us to help collaborate with the paver selection, furnishings, and planters.  We can’t wait to use these spaces this spring, summer, and fall!

There are 6 businesses in the front row, with 3 patios and walkways varying in different shapes and sizes.  The landscape designer was able to transition small grade changes by adding limestone retaining walls and limestone steps.  Now the front of the Valley View Office Complex is updated and uniform with functional outdoor spaces.

The first before and after photo below is of our showroom that we share with NexGen Contracting.

Items from our showroom:

  1. MetalSmith’s Design Custom Benches
  2. Gardenstone Concrete Planters
  3. County Materials Influence Pavers


The second two business that share an entrance are, Pedego and In Situ.  They have a much larger space which could accomodate a larger patio and sectional bench seating.


A few of the other business that we share the Valley View facing office space with are: Dewalt Service Center, Milwaukee Tools, and Wa Matek


We used MetalSmith’s Designs to create the custom benches.  The great thing about using a company like MetalSmith’s Design is that they could create the exact size benches for each seating scenario vs. ordering a stock item online.  It’s always wise to get a quote from a local manufacturer, many of the times they are price comparable to an online retailer.  The other bonus is you can check in on the progress and makes small tweaks along the way if needed.


We choose the Vega Planter from Gardenstone Glazed Concrete collection in the color Black.


Now that spring has sprung, I’m ecstatic to see all the plant material pop with new color (I’ll update the photos 😉 once that happens)!  Stop by our showroom to see the transformation in person and say hi to Peter!