We are CLEARING THE SHELVES and would love to offer you up 50% off items in our warehouse and on our showroom floor!

We have several pairs of planters, single unique ones, and a ton of metal and art!  Stop in or give Peter a call at the Twisted Elements Showroom in Bloomington, right off of 169 and Valley View Road.  Below is a snapshot of what we have left for YOU or your CLIENTS!

*Note that Delivery is not included.  We can arrange delivery for an additional cost.  Call ahead of time to stop by the showroom.  We look forward to seeing you!

Showroom Sale up 50% off single planters and pairs plus metal and more

Variety of Items up for grabs at up to 50% off: Tournesol (fiberglass), GardenStone (concrete), Gladding McBean (terra cotta), MetalSmith (custom metal), Haddonstone (cast limestone), Westminster Teak (furniture) and SO MUCH MORE!

GardenStone-Orion-Black Glazed Concrete traditional planter

Gardenstone (glazed concrete) Orion Planter in Black (40″H x 29.5″W) NOW $593 / Retail $1186


Pair of Natural Concrete Planters (GFRC) (15.5″H x 30″W) SALE $200(ea) / Retail $4009(ea)

Metal-Trellis-Pair-of-Butterfly-Wings-by MetalSmiths designs MN

Custom Pair of Metal Sculpted Butterfly Wings by MetalSmiths Design (approx 7’3″H x 5’W) SALE $500 / Retail $700


Haddonstone Large Highland Park Planter & Fire Feature (approx 16″H x 40″W x 31″Base): SALE $580 / Retail $1173

MetalSmith's Designs Custom-Wood-and-Metal-Hightop-Table

Custom Metal & Wood High-top Table by MetalSmith’s Designs (35″H x 56″L x 24″D): SALE $1800 / Retail $3600


Tournesol Siteworks Craftsman Collection in Copper CS-3600 (30.5″H x 36″ W): SALE $1000 / Retail $2000


Gladding McBean Planter No. 72-29 in Harvest (approx 28.5″H x 15.5″W x 15.5″Base): SALE $780 / Retail $1567


Pair of GardenStone Large Aurora Planters in Limestone (26″H x 24″W): SALE $399(ea) / Retail $798(ea)


Pair of GardenStone Rondelle Planter in Bronze (14″H x 24″W): SALE $200(ea) / Retail $400(ea)


Haddonstone Lagoon Planter (approx 23″H x 48″W): SALE $2000 / Retail $4000


Pair of GardenStone Prairie Troughs in Bronze (20.5″H x 44.5″W x 22.5″D): SALE $440(ea) / Retail $883(ea)


Bronze Concrete Planter (GFRC) (20″H x 22″W): SALE $250 / Retail $500


Haddonstone Finial Ham House Pineapple (approx 32″H x 18″W x 11″Base): SALE $399 / Retail $808


Gladding McBean Bronze Oil Jar Series No.88-33 (33″H x 22″W x 11″Base): SALE $680 / Retail $1363



Gladding, McBean No. 1204 Glazed Terracotta Planters (Blue & Green) (18″H x 20.5″W, 12″ Base): SALE $600(ea) / Retail $1203(ea)