We are CLEARING THE SHELVES and would love to offer you up 50% off items in our warehouse and on our showroom floor!

We have several pairs of planters, single unique ones, and a ton of metal and art!  Stop in or give Peter a call at the Twisted Elements Showroom in Eden Prairie, right off of 169 and Valley View Road.  Below is a snapshot of what we have left for YOU or your CLIENTS!

Showroom Sale up 50% off single planters and pairs plus metal and more

Variety of Items up for grabs at up to 50% off: Tournesol (fiberglass), GardenStone (concrete), Gladding McBean (terra cotta), MetalSmith (custom metal), Haddonstone (cast limestone), Westminster Teak (furniture) and SO MUCH MORE!

GardenStone-Orion-Black Glazed Concrete traditional planter

Gardenstone (glazed concrete) Orion Planter in Black (40″H x 29.5″W) NOW $593 / Retail $1186


Pair of Natural Concrete Planters (GFRC) (15.5″H x 30″W) SALE $200(ea) / Retail $4009(ea)

Metal-Trellis-Pair-of-Butterfly-Wings-by MetalSmiths designs MN

Custom Pair of Metal Sculpted Butterfly Wings by MetalSmiths Design (approx 7’3″H x 5’W) SALE $500 / Retail $700


Haddonstone Large Highland Park Planter & Fire Feature (approx 16″H x 40″W x 31″Base): SALE $580 / Retail $1173

MetalSmith's Designs Custom-Wood-and-Metal-Hightop-Table

Custom Metal & Wood High-top Table by MetalSmith’s Designs (35″H x 56″L x 24″D): SALE $1800 / Retail $3600


Tournesol Siteworks Craftsman Collection in Copper CS-3600 (30.5″H x 36″ W): SALE $1000 / Retail $2000


Gladding McBean Planter No. 72-29 in Harvest (approx 28.5″H x 15.5″W x 15.5″Base): SALE $780 / Retail $1567


Pair of GardenStone Large Aurora Planters in Limestone (26″H x 24″W): SALE $399(ea) / Retail $798(ea)


Pair of GardenStone Rondelle Planter in Bronze (14″H x 24″W): SALE $200(ea) / Retail $400(ea)


Haddonstone Lagoon Planter (approx 23″H x 48″W): SALE $2000 / Retail $4000


Pair of GardenStone Prairie Troughs in Bronze (20.5″H x 44.5″W x 22.5″D): SALE $440(ea) / Retail $883(ea)


Bronze Concrete Planter (GFRC) (20″H x 22″W): SALE $250 / Retail $500


Haddonstone Finial Ham House Pineapple (approx 32″H x 18″W x 11″Base): SALE $399 / Retail $808


Gladding McBean Bronze Oil Jar Series No.88-33 (33″H x 22″W x 11″Base): SALE $680 / Retail $1363



Gladding, McBean No. 1204 Glazed Terracotta Planters (Blue & Green) (18″H x 20.5″W, 12″ Base): SALE $600(ea) / Retail $1203(ea)