Oh, OUTDECO how we have LOVED you ever since we laid eye on you 6 years ago at a Chicago trade show.  Peter and I used to call Chicago home, almost 20 years ago, so it only natural we discovered OUTDECO there.  We love the city of Chicago and everything it offers.  On that trip we were able to see a few different sides of the city and how the city has been trying to clean up and bring in many new sustainable parks.  These images are from south of the city, near Chinatown.  What a view!



Six years ago (2016) we had just starting Twisted Elements (time is flying) and we were excited to bring in different elements to our showroom that would stand out.  Minnesota hadn’t seen an affordable and sustainable product like this before and we were so excited to bring it to the Minnesota market!  This renewable hardwood from Australia has really stood up to the extreme temperature fluctuation we call, spring, summer, winter, and fall here!  Over the years we have been able to personally experiment with it and see what creative uses our clients have constructed with it.  I thought I would share some photos of the different uses we have seen from our clientele.


This image is from one of our first tradeshow’s in Minnesota.  We showcased a variety of OutDeco panels in a accordion style screen.  This accordian screen has the OUTDECO screens (from left to right); Wooloomai, Cumulus, Bungalow, Star Anais, and Stonefield.  We created the frame out of Ipe wood.


This was another trade show display from 2019.  We painted a few panels and hung them from a metal brace attached to cedar posts.


This was in our previous showroom downtown in International Market Square.  Mixing elements that we sell is the fun of it!  We painted the wall behind the panels to give it a pop of color and compliment the large Tournesol planter that houses a custom metal water feature, by Metalsmiths Designs.  It turned out stunning.


Outdeco panels can be hung to create a wall of art.  This was a very large blank wall.  By painting and adding the Leafstream Panels it created movement and art right at the front door.  They also hide the water spigot and hose. They paired well with the 360Five Moniker and Midway Lounge Chairs and the Gardenstone Classic Urn.


Need screenage from your neighbors?  Here you go…  This raised deck used 4 of the large OUTDECO Monsoon panels to hang from a metal bracket.  You could also build a wood frame attached to your deck to create the same type of feel.  This is a nice way to add a little bit of privacy, but not a full fence that would cost a lot more money and possibly offend your neighbors (Ha Ha).


This client used the same concept using the OUTDECO Stonefield Screens that offer 80% screenage from the neighbors next door.  This is a fun wall to look at!

OUTDECO-Marakesh-enclosure-around-pool-equipmentHiding your pool equipment has never looked better!  This is functional art as a fence around mechanical equipment.  Great use of design and safety.

OUTDECO-Bungalow-Bamboo-Look-for-the-top-of-fenceI really like this use of the Bungalow panels.  This is more of a traditional fence, but mounted on top is the OutDeco panel, to add a little bit of style and personality!

OUTDECO-Stonefield-panel-for-stairwell-screenage-indoorsLet’s move inside, why not?   This deconstructed Stonefield panel was cut and painted to fit along the stairwell.  It’s not only beautiful, but functional, and adds a safety factor.

OUTDECO-Star-Anais-Custom-Fence-for-BackyardLook at these awesome fence panels constructed out of the OUTDECO Star Anais !  They create a nice sense of security and privacy from a public walkway.

OUTDECO-Bungalow-panels-to-screen-outdoor-dining-areaIntimate dining outdoors, why not!  These Bungalow panels are nice addition to this pergola and fenced backyard making it feel cozy.


Let’s get creative… Add them to the top of your pergola and choose whatever percentage screenage you require.  You will look up everytime and discover the beauty overhead!


Even corporate restaurants are on board!  The landscape designer who designed the Redstone Grill patio space at Ridgedale Shopping Center used the Cumulus Panels to screen the outdoor seating area.  I love that he blended them in a more natural feel with lots of boulders, trees, and perennials.  It turned out stunning.

This is just a snapshot of what you can do with these OUTDECO Panels!  Let your mind run free with creativity…